International Financial Leader Gains High-Frequency Trading Edge with CenturyLink Colocation

One of the world’s prominent banking institutions needed a seamless connection from trading desk to market application and exchange to gain a competitive edge for their algorithmic trading division. CenturyLink worked with them to plan and execute a colocation strategy that used data centers close to the right exchanges to put their business milliseconds ahead of their competitors.

Reduced Transaction Latency with Predictable Costs and Service Levels

When milliseconds matter, technology keeps you ahead of other buyers and sellers in high-frequency trading. Your network performance is the difference between beating competitors to significant profits and suffering painful losses. This financial leader knew it could use colocation to get ahead of competitors, save costs and increase organizational agility. Finding a colocation provider with data centers close to the right exchanges and a team that wouldn’t accept any lag or latency in service was their biggest hurdle.

With an extremely tight window, CenturyLink successfully migrated the customer's IT infrastructure, including a dozen blade chassis, to CenturyLink’s New Jersey data center—placing the customer's trading applications close to NYSE Arca and BATS Exchange (BZX). This reduced transaction latency and provided a much-needed edge in trading while ensuring reliable communications between 20,000 employees operating in 50+ locations across 25 countries.


  • Reduced Transaction Latency
  • Predictable Costs and Service Levels
  • Increased IT and Operations Agility
  • Faster Speed-to-Market
  • Advanced Security and Up-to-Date Compliance

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