PDQ Enterprises Deploys New Electronic Equity Trading Venue Using CenturyLink Colocation

PDQ Enterprises needed a high-frequency, low-latency IT infrastructure designed for the rigors of global stock markets. CenturyLink colocation experts delivered highly resilient "trading ecosystems" to implement their new algorithmic high-speed trading process.

Increased Order Capacity with Secure, Low-Latency Trading Infrastructure

PDQ had a patented electronic algorithmic trading process that gave liquidity providers better abilities to respond to orders and make better markets. They needed a reliable state-of-the-art data center to house the sophisticated servers and software to implement it. Their biggest challenge was finding a colocation provider to bring together liquidity points, content, services and IT infrastructure all in one place to ensure smooth, high-speed transactions throughout the trading lifecycle.

With CenturyLink colocation services, PDQ was able to implement its low-latency electronic trading and matching engine in the timeframe and environment necessary to get its business up and running. CenturyLink’s expert colocation team and Capital Markets IT services provided PDQ with a custom solution that can handle more orders and protects valuable order information from leaking pre-trade signals.


  • High-Frequency, Low-Latency Infrastructure
  • Increased Order Capacity and Efficiency
  • Financial Market Experts with Data Center Best Practices
  • High Levels of Availability Protected By Redundant Power Systems
  • Advanced Security and Up-to-Date Financial Market Compliance

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