Xignite Leverages CenturyLink Proximity Hosting for Real-Time Financial Market Data

Xignite powers mission critical applications in the $7 billion financial market data industry and needed to ensure real-time availability of market data for customers. CenturyLink colocated Xignite servers in the data center where the BATS exchange is hosted to deliver the lowest latency solution possible.

Measure Exchange Connectivity in Feet, Not Miles

Xignite’s customers rely on real-time market data from the BATS exchange for their success. A delay of seconds could mean the difference between significant profits and losses.  Xignite needed to find a cost-effective way to ensure their customers always have access the data their businesses depend on.

The solution was simple, but no one else could offer it—colocate servers at the CenturyLink data center where the BATS exchange is hosted. Xignite now connects directly to the BATS exchange with CenturyLink financial connectivity options designed to produce the lowest latency. Now Xignite can measure connectivity in feet, not thousands of miles.


  • Affordable Real-Time Market Data
  • Financial Market Experts with Data Center Best Practices
  • High Levels of Availability Protected By Redundant Power Systems
  • Advanced Security and Up-to-Date Financial Market Compliance
  • Cost-Effective, Low-Latency Infrastructure

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