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Monitoring over 114 billion NetFlow sessions each day, CenturyLink securely connects, proactively monitors and effectively defends against constantly evolving security threats.


You take care of business.
We'll keep it secure.

Our annual Threat Report analyzes traffic on our global enterprise network, delivering deep intelligence and insights to help secure your data and business.


cyber attacks halted each month


on pace to prevent $1B in cybercrime this year


security events monitored daily


Experts make the case for network-based security.

Read the latest research and gain insights on how embedding security into the network delivers real results.

Analyst: Digital business demands network-based security

What to look for in a managed security services provider

Proactively defend against constantly evolving threats

1-on-1 Customized Security Assessment

Is your IT security cost-efficient and effective at stopping threats? Talk to one of our experts to see how you can improve your security posture while optimizing your budget.

Professional Security and Consulting Services

Where protection gets personal.
Every security situation is different. Let our experts help you identify blind spots, respond to incidents and find the most effective solution for your needs and budget.

Security Consulting

Work closely with a team of proven security experts to identify risks,  uncover gaps and prioritize  your resources.

Network Security Services

Protect when you connect with built-in security.
Deploy network-integrated security and benefit from unmatched global visibility into the threat landscape.
Adaptive Network Security Services
A flexible security solution delivered in the cloud to neutralize threats efficiently and effectively
DDoS Mitigation Services
Multi-layered global defense and mitigation against a variety of malicious denial of service attack types

Analytics & Threat Management

Advanced security for evolving threats.
Combine real-time incident tracking with expert analysis for immediate action.
Adaptive Threat Intelligence
Access actionable, prioritized threat data that is correlated to your IP addresses
Security Log Monitoring
Sophisticated log ingestion, monitoring and event correlation, with a powerful data analysis engine

Managed Security for Cisco Meraki

Fully managed cyber protection.
Securely connect employees and customers with fully managed cyber protection from CenturyLink, freeing up your IT resources to focus on business at hand.

WorkWiseTM Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Empower employees and minimize risk.
Arm your employees with the ability to identify and respond to threats. Leverage awareness and action training to create a culture of security that keeps business moving forward.


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