Threat-sensing defense

Automate threat detection and response with Rapid Threat Defense capabilities from CenturyLink.

Ready for proactive threat detection and response?
Why CenturyLink® Analytics and Threat Management
We deliver Analytics and Threat Management services with the tools and automation to proactively identify and respond to potential security issues before they cause harm, easing the burden of having to develop and manage incident response in-house.

Security Log Monitoring

Sophisticated log ingestion, monitoring and event correlation, with a powerful data analysis engine and SOC monitoring.

Adaptive Threat Intelligence

High-fidelity threat intelligence powered by our threat research and response team, Black Lotus Labs, plus curated third-party and government data feeds all correlated to your IP addresses.

Incident Management & Response Service

A team of security experts who investigate incidents and proactively respond to possible attacks.

Analytics and Threat Management benefits and capabilities
  • No long development cycles, capital-intensive deployments or difficult integrations
  • Automated threat detection, correlation and response provided by CenturyLink
  • 24/7 expert security support eliminates the challenge and expense of hiring additional resources
  • Streamlined, actionable data means less time investigating and responding to alerts, and more time proactively stopping threats
  • Data aggregated across a wide range of systems and log types, optimizing visibility across distributed networks
  • Data correlated against known malicious threats utilizing proprietary analysis and original threat discovery
  • Results feed into our integrated SIEM-based platform for 24/7 monitoring by CenturyLink Security Operations Center experts
  • Real-time, customizable alerts notify you of high-risk events
  • Reporting and analytics capabilities accessed via portal or mobile application
Get the CenturyLink 2019 Threat Report

Take a deep dive into mass malware trends based on research from Black Lotus Labs with actionable advice on how to protect your network against leading cyberthreats, including:

  • The latest #MassMalware research from Black Lotus Labs
  • Why DNS monitoring is an important security control
  • Actionable advice for network defenders
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