Incident Management & Response


Manage Breaches with Less Pain, More Speed

Gain peace of mind when incidents occur—you have CenturyLink on your side.

No matter how much you prepare and protect your assets, incidents still happen. It’s your ability to anticipate potential attacks and appropriately respond to incidents that make the difference between weathering them efficiently and incurring great damage to your business and reputation.

Incident Management & Response services from CenturyLink can help you stay on the successful side of any attack. Applied as an add-on service to CenturyLink® Security Log Monitoring with Trending and Threat Analysis, Incident Management & Response provides CenturyLink SOC experts to proactively monitor your environment and analyze trends to  identify and respond to threats, while providing visibility and critical feedback on what happened.

Improve response agility

  • Respond to any attack faster and with greater efficiency, minimizing potential business impact
  • Get analysis of incidents that occur so you can make adjustments and prevent future mistakes

Identify true threats

  • Get traditional incident mitigation combined with proactive monitoring and trending insights to separate true threats from false alarms
  • Maintain visibility into threat landscape to identify what needs immediate action
  • Your CenturyLink team works with you to understand your policies and get to know the controls in your enterprise, where potential problem areas live
  • An overlay staff works directly with you, applying human logic to potential incidents to gauge possible impact

Gain deep insights into threats

  • Better gauge the impact of potential and actual breaches
  • Discover why past breaches occurred so you can avoid similar problems in the future

Get expert help when you need it most

  • Take advantage of our expertise with seasoned professionals available 24/7
  • Gain peace of mind that we can help resolve any breach regardless of scale, network complexity and timing

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Incident Management & Response

Improve readiness and speed up response times to better handle incidents.

Incident Management and Response is a comprehensive and extremely powerful approach to managing malicious threats. It combines the value of traditional incident mitigation work with proactive security monitoring and trending insights to help you respond to attacks with greater efficiency—which minimizes resulting damage.  

CenturyLink takes the burden off of your IT teams when breaches occur. Our experts are at your service anytime, at a fraction of the cost it would take to manage a breach yourself. With this service, you get greater visibility into incidents and can set parameters for mitigation and remediation.

Our services

  • Work across a range of monitoring solutions and platforms 
  • Help separate true threats from false alarms
  • Enable you to make faster, more informed decisions in the event of a breach
  • Speed response to any attack with greater efficiency
  • Provide critical feedback on incidents that occur
  • Prevent potential negative impact to your business
  • Include our seasoned 24/7 incident management and response team, that has experience in large-scale event mitigation

Improve Security Without Adding More Resources

CenturyLink security solutions are easy to customize to your business. Find out how we can help you plan your defenses—talk with one of our security experts today.

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