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reliable as YOUR NETWORK

It's Not the Catastrophic, Headline-Grabbing Network Failures that Pose the Biggest Risk to Your Business.

In 2008, network disruptions cost businesses on average $2.8 million dollars per hour.* Only 19% of businesses believe they have adequate monitoring coverage.† How confident are you that your network can support current and future demand?

*CIO Magazine, Jan 2010 †HelpNet Security, Jan 2010

What if you could manage your network more efficiently?

Because everything happening in your business is happening on your network, even day-to-day disruptions can now significantly impact the business. IBM recently estimated the average revenue cost of an unplanned application outage at almost $2.8 million per hour.*

At CenturyLink, we have 99% voice network availability** —and 100% accountability when things go wrong. Having a partner with the tools, support and solutions you need to manage the network efficiently helps you:

  • Reduce the business impact of network outages.
  • Keep pace with the needs of your business.
  • Quickly resolve network-related problems.

*CIO, Managing Unplanned IT Outages, Jan 2010
**Availability statement based on 2010 CenturyLink region-wide switch availability statistics, as reported to the FCC

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