CenturyLink Paperless Billing

Choose less hassle and more convenience with secure ebills from CenturyLink.

Get more control over your bills without the hassle of lost mail, postage or printing. Electronic billing gives you secure, anytime access to current payments and past invoices from all your smart devices.


Bill a Better Way. Go Paperless.

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Paperless billing from CenturyLink gives you hassle-free bills, smart bill analysis, and auto-pay capabilities that allow you to conveniently, and securely, manage your invoicing and payments.

Paperless Billing
  • Convenient — Save company time and resources by eliminating mail, postage and printing costs
  • Eco-Friendly — Reduce your impact on the environment and cut down on paper waste
  • Secure — Review your bill securely with password protected, 2-factor authentication access
Electronic Billing
  • Accessible — View and download your current bill and past invoices for up to 24 months. Print your invoices whenever you need them
  • Helpful — Set up email alerts for when your bill is ready and receive your bill electronically
  • Productive — Save time by not having to receive, open, scan or shred paper bills. No more writing checks, sorting through mail or licking
Bill Analyzer
  • Reliable — Get reliable and secure access to CenturyLink Control Center for anywhere, anytime financial analysis of your billing
  • Customizable — Access standard reports and build your own to highlight individual statements or tether multiple accounts into a custom view
  • Insightful — Drill down to line item detail of your bill or compare service category items month-over-month
Auto Bill Pay
  • Payment Options — Select the most convenient option from Auto-Pay or Automate Clearing House (ACH) payment methods
  • Schedule Payments — Pick a day of the month for the auto payment to occur and stop worrying about remembering due dates
  • Exchange Data — Get your invoices securely and electronically delivered to your financial systems each month
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