Private Switch/Automatic Location Identification Service (PS/ALI)

Make Sure Emergency Services Know Where You Are with PS/ALI

If your business or organization is located on a large campus or multiple locations, your system might not be able to identify specific location information to emergency agencies when a caller dials 9-1-1. And that can be the difference between a good or disastrous outcome. PS/ALI is an enhancement to 9-1-1 emergency response systems that allows you to enjoy the benefits of full-featured Enhanced 9-1-1 (E911) if you're a private branch exchange (PBX) and Centrex/Centron customer. This means that the E9-1-1 operator can direct emergency response personnel to your correct address, building, floor, room, or cubicle.

PS/ALI Features

  • E911-associated service
  • Unique PBX station identification
  • Provides accurate location and detailed situation information

PS/ALI Benefits

  • Experience shortened response times in an emergency
  • Enjoy enhanced property protection and safeguard of investment thanks to accurate location identification
  • Benefit from responsive 24/7 support
  • Enjoy lower insurance costs
  • Implement 911 solutions effectively with experienced, dedicated CenturyLink 9-1-1 specialists
  • Focus on your core business while CenturyLink handles prevention and mitigation of emergency events

How PS/ALI Works

The PS/ALI service allows private switch owners to connect directly with the 9-1-1 network. This enables management of station locations with precision, accuracy, and specificity—down to the floor, room or even cubicle level. When a PBX customer with direct inward dialing (DID) or a Centrex type system enters into an agreement to subscribe to PS/ALI, they work with the 9-1-1 public safety answering point (PSAP) to load specific station telephone number information and address information into the 9-1-1 database. Once the trunks to the 9-1-1 network are in place and the information is loaded into the 9-1-1 database, all 9-1-1 calls placed from the impacted stations are routed to the appropriate PSAP. The station information is then displayed to the PSAP, which automatically knows from which building, floor and room number the call is being made. Emergency vehicles are then dispatched appropriately.

CenturyLink CPE Public Safety Solutions

CenturyLink is a single source for networking, hardware, software, service and database maintenance for 911 solutions. CenturyLink has built strategic alliances with recognized leaders in public safety hardware and database maintenance services. Their skills, combined with CenturyLink's advanced network capabilities, provide the Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) with exceptional information accuracy and detail. 911 Solutions include products such as Basic 911, Enhanced 911, Emergency Transport Backup (ETB), Private Switch/Automatic Location Identification (PS/ALI), Cell Trace and Cell Trace Plus.

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