911 Services

Solutions for Public Safety Answering Points/Enhanced 911 Call Centers

CenturyLink® is a single source for networking, hardware, software, service and database maintenance for 911 solutions and has built strategic alliances with recognized leaders in public safety hardware and database maintenance services. Their skills, combined with CenturyLink's advanced network capabilities, provide the Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) with exceptional information accuracy and detail. 911 Solutions include products such as Basic 911, Enhanced 911, Emergency Transport Backup (ETB), Private Switch/Automatic Location Identification (PS/ALI), Cell Trace and Cell Trace Plus.

911 Subscriber Records Information

Key Applications: Public Safety Answering Points/Basic or Enhanced 911 Call Centers

The accuracy of your database can mean the difference between life and death. CenturyLink simplifies everything by giving 911 subscribers a complete listing of CenturyLink customers in the subscriber's area. Non-CenturyLink and unlisted customers are not included, so the information is not guaranteed sufficient for full 911 maintenance.
Enhanced 911

Key Applications: Public Safety Answering Points/Enhanced 911 Call Centers

Three features give your locality the best 911 system. Selective Routing (SR) allows 911 calls from different telephone numbers with the same prefix to be routed to different Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs), based on the caller's address. Automatic Number Identification (ANI) identifies and forwards the caller's telephone number to the PSAP. Automatic Location Identification (ALI) provides the caller's address and related information to the PSAP.
Private Switch/Automatic Location Identification

Key Applications: Multi-tenant buildings served by a single PBX; Campus environments; Remote locations; CenturyLink CPE Public Safety Solutions

Be as precise as possible. CenturyLink has the power to let you identify an exact phone station within a company or large building. If the customer has a properly equipped PBX or Centrex system, CenturyLink lets you identify the phone extension-even if the caller is on a private switch. Bring order to a potentially chaotic emergency situation.
911 NET

Key Applications: Public Safety Answering Points/Enhanced 911 Call Centers

911 subscribers can easily make critical database changes and receive rapid electronic confirmation. 911 NET also provides a current, online copy of the 911 subscriber's Master Street Address Guide.

Emergency Transport Backup (ETB)

Key Applications: Public Safety Answering Points/Basic or Enhanced 911 Call Centers

When dedicated 911 lines fail, CenturyLink prevents the problem from creating an emergency itself. Our backup systems use alternate transport paths including the public switched telephone network and wireless so no emergency call goes unanswered.

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