Bundled Voice Solutions

High-Quality, Scalable Voice Service and Competitively Priced Long Distance

CenturyLink® bundled business phone solutions deliver what you need to enhance your communications.

CenturyLink Voice bundled business phone solutions deliver what you need to enhance your communications and meet the specific requirements of your organization. Features include access to quality voice service, scalable service and competitively priced long distance.

<10 Business Lines 

Discounted Phone Packages That Take Care of Business

CenturyLink Choice Business packages are built to meet your business phone needs with flexible, affordable and reliable service as well as month-to-month or term pricing plans. This plan is ideal for companies needing less than 10 business lines.

CenturyLink gives you the ability to choose the services and price plan that fit your business.

  • Includes a local line, unlimited local calling and a choice of valuable call features
  • Variety of essential, professional features like Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and 3-Way Calling
  • Ability to combine the packages to meet your specific needs—add or change features anytime
  • Save up to 20% when you choose term service commitments

10+ Business Lines

Local Service—Customized for Your Business

The CenturyLink Line Volume Plan adapts to your Local services business needs, on the scale that you need them, and offers you our most competitive rates when looking for 10 or more business lines.

Whether your business is small and growing or already has thousands of employees, local business voice lines are vital for providing customers with the best possible service.

  • Aggressive prices fixed for the duration of your contract - not a promotion and no pricing changes
  • Broad eligibility—significant savings for as low as 10 business lines per customer, across all your locations
  • Adaptable plan you can customize to your business needs


Digital Connectivity for Your Evolving Voice, Video and Data Transport Needs

CenturyLink Primary Rate Service (PRS) is a switched-trunk service based on Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) that integrates voice, video and data applications simultaneously over the same DS-1 facility.

PRS speeds and smoothes the flow of information without the expense of dedicated lines, modems and special cabling. It provides digital connectivity that is feature-rich, flexible and widely available.

  • Connectivity—allows large data files to be digitally transferred locally or globally.
  • Efficiency—supports simultaneous Internet access, data file transfer, voice calls, fax transmission and video traffic.
  • Fast data speeds—bond channels to provide higher data speeds in increments of 64 Kbps.


More Services and Solutions for You

Managed Office

Internet, voice and business applications—including Microsoft® Office 365—in one complete solution.

Hosted VoIP

Communicate faster and in more places without the expense of an onsite phone system.

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