Voice Mail: Business Voice Messaging Service (BVMS)

Project a Professional Image to Every Caller without Incurring New Personnel or Capital Equipment Costs with Voice Messaging Services

The impression you make to incoming callers, valuable customers or important business partners, can enhance your business image—or make you appear disorganized and unresponsive. With CenturyLink™ Business Voice Messaging Service (BVMS), you can make sure each customer who calls receives a high-quality experience and prompt service.

Whenever you're on the line, traveling, or otherwise unable to answer, your customers will hear your personalized greeting and have the opportunity to leave a message of up to three minutes. Wherever you go, you can pick up new messages using any touch-tone phone and respond even before you're back in the office. Compatible with your existing phones and lines, CenturyLink Business Voice Messaging Service helps you keep in touch with your customers and your business without the need for additional agents or capital investments.

CenturyLink Business Voice Messaging Service Features

  • Always on and available—no activation switches or codes
  • Message retrieval and greeting modification from any touch-tone phone
  • User-specific private passwords to control who listens to and erases your messages
  • Group distribution lists to send a single message to as many as 25 people at the same time
  • Optional features to fit your changing needs, including:
    • Extension mailbox to add up to three extensions to your main mailbox without adding an additional line
    • Call routing to let callers choose to call or leave a message for one of up to nine different individuals or departments
    • New message notification via pager or alternate local number
    • Scheduled greetings for specific times of day
    • Message waiting indicator (visual, audio, or both)
    • Listen-only mailbox for up to 15 minutes of announcements and informational messages

CenturyLink Business Voice Messaging Service Benefits

  • Provide reliable call answering even when no live agent is available
  • Keep connected anywhere, anytime by retrieving message and modifying your greeting via any touch-tone phone
  • Project a professional image that adds value to your business
  • Streamline communication with group message distribution lists
  • Customize Business Voice Messaging to fit your changing needs by adding optional features at any time