Call Routing: Interaction Routing

Focus on Business Priorities with Call Routing Services from CenturyLink

Improve performance, increase productivity, lower costs: business drivers that should make any business decision-maker take notice. If you're a business decision maker, you might consider taking notice of Interaction Routing, a network-based call-center routing solution that can help you improve customer sales and service with state-of-the-art multi-channel contact-center routing and reporting capabilities. All this while significantly lowering your contact-center costs by eliminating large capital outlays, networking costs, dedicated IT staff, and annual equipment maintenance contracts.

Interaction Call Routing Features

  • Skills-based agent and business-rules routing
  • Outbound dialing and campaign management
  • Multi-media consolidated reporting managed by the contact-center management team
  • CTI-enabled agent screen pops that integrate with industry-leading desktop and CRM programs
  • Network-based voice recording solution for automatic or ad hoc call recording.
  • Administration, management and reporting
  • Workforce management (forecasting, scheduling and adherence)
  • Integration with industry-leading ACD, IVR, and quality-monitoring products
  • Voice, e-mail and Web-based transaction routing, management and reporting
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities

Interaction Call Routing Benefits

  • Create geographic independence using Interaction Routing's virtual contact-center capabilities.
  • Increase call volume without increasing agent headcount by:
    • Distributing calls based on agent expertise instead of agent location
    • Reducing average call-handle times using CTI
    • Queuing requests in the CenturyLink network to reduce queue times and improve agent work load
  • Eliminate cost and risk of purchasing premises technology that grows outdated
  • Integrate with multi-vendor telephony equipment to unify your contact-center solutions into a common management and reporting system.
  • Get real-time access to the transaction flow across your entire enterprise
  • Quickly make changes in routing and staffing to address increases or decreases in demand
  • Get capacity and growth on demand
  • Reduce IT staff involvement
  • Respond rapidly to unforeseen change and emergencies
  • Improve contact center performance by acting on data obtained via on-demand access-to-agent and system reports

How Interaction Call Routing Works

A toll-free number is a virtual address that points to one or more locations using intelligent network databases for routing criteria. The toll-free number can terminate to either switched or dedicated terminating addresses. A switched number is a 10-digit public switched telephone network dialable number that points to a single physical location in the network. A dedicated number is an internal identifier to the CenturyLink network that points to a single physical location.

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