Central Office Automatic Call Distribution Service (CO-ACD)

Increase Your Call-Handling Efficiency to Improve Service while Reducing Costs

CenturyLink® Central Office Automatic Call provided from the security of the Central Office (CO-ACD) helps you deliver a prompt and effective response to every caller, while also improving the cost-efficiency of your call center.

As the front door to your business, your call center can make a strong impression on customers—positive or negative. Complete features to manage and track incoming calls enable you to distribute call volume to pre-designated groups of agents. As a central office-based system, CO-ACD provides rugged network reliability for optimal performance. Detailed reporting options help you improve planning and network management. Whether you start with two lines or thousands, CO-ACD lets you expand one line at a time as your business grows.


Optimize Staffing Efficiency by Allocating Call Volume Intelligently Across Agents

Avoid the Need to Over-Staff to Handle Peak Periods

Avoid Long Waiting Times and Blocked Calls

Develop Your Own Personalized Phone Directory

Improve Customer Service by Assigning Certain Calls to Specially Selected Agent Groups

Make changes quickly to stay on top of current call center conditions and priorities

Gain Visibility into Incoming and Missed Calls


Highly Flexible Call Management, Including Allocating Calls to Secondary Groups at Specified Call Waiting Thresholds

Can Be Used as the Front End for Modem Pools, Allowing for Easy Modem Performance Monitoring and Automatic Modem Shutdown in the Event of a Problem

Incoming Call Number Displayed on Computer Screen

Phone Usage Tracking and Analysis, Including Local Calls

Storage and Printing of up to 2,000 Calls Made and Received

Missed Call Return with the Click of a Mouse

Detailed Reporting Options to Help Improve Planning and Network Management

Support for Telecommuting Environments

*The Business Prime package does not include Business voicemail as a feature. Business voicemail can be purchased separately at a discounted rate.

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