Directory Assistance: Large Business Directory

Lower Your Business Directory Assistance Costs

To operate at peak performance and efficiency, your mobile workers need to be able to contact anyone, anywhere without having to worry about fumbling with mobile devices and high directory assistance costs. CenturyLink™ Large Business Directory Assistance lets your workers connect quickly to expert CenturyLink™ Directory Assistance agents via a toll-free number to request reliable, up-to-date listings, including toll-free numbers and reverse listings. The time they save can add up to minutes or hours of added productivity over the course of a week, with full voice interactions so that mobile workers are not distracted. Volume discounts save you money on every listing they request.

CenturyLink Large Business Directory Assistance Features

  • Live assistance from CenturyLink Directory Assistance agents around-the-clock
  • Toll-free directory assistance number
  • National directory listings
  • Toll-free listings
  • Reverse listings (provide the telephone number and the agent will provide the name and address)
  • Up to two listings per call

CenturyLink Large Business Directory Assistance Benefits

  • Save time with reliable access to phone listings throughout North America
  • Reduce costs with volume discounts

How CenturyLink Large Business Directory Assistance Works

CenturyLink Large Business Directory Assistance is available nationwide to most CenturyLink business customers. Minimum one-year term of commitment, one-time setup fee, and minimum 55,000 Directory Assistance call-per-month commitment required. Call defined as call completion to Directory Assistance representative. Pricing determined by commitment level. Call completion is not included with this product.