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From traditional telephone service to efficiency-boosting VoIP, CenturyLink helps you stay in touch.

Get voice options for the unique ways you work.
With an efficient mix of time-tested voice services with updated features, we give you a wide range of options. Choose standard telephone services or comprehensive unified communications systems that integrate voice, video and data applications over the same connection. Or go for a hybrid solution that gives you the best of both worlds.

Do business, uninterrupted.
Every customer interaction is a chance to strengthen the relationship. And when people need to reach you, your voice services have to work. No exceptions. CenturyLink has 30+ years of matchless reliability in voice services and business continuity—with virtually 100% dial-tone availability and superior voice quality.

Reduce the costs of great communication.
A traditional voice solution from CenturyLink can help you reduce costs. It has no incremental capital expenditure, and it typically works with the equipment you already have. What’s more, with a relatively simple equipment upgrade, you can extend the life of your existing network by years. When looking for a voice service provider, CenturyLink has your business covered.


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Local Voice Services

CenturyLink is the single source for all of your varied voice communications needs.

Your business voice needs evolve as you grow. And at CenturyLink, we have the features and capabilities you need today, as well as the advanced technology that will form the foundation of tomorrow’s voice services. It goes way beyond standard telephone calls—our services keep you accessible and in touch with customers and suppliers; enable emergency response; and facilitate company communications through a common employee interface.

We also help you improve efficiency and work more productively with unified communications features such as our cloud-based, Hosted VoIP or our premises-based IQ SIP Trunk.

Our comprehensive Local Voice Services include:

  • Local Business Phone Service
  • Calling Card: Worldcard®
  • ISDN PRI: Primary Rate Service (PRS)
  • ISDN BRI: Single Line Service
  • Centrex Prime
  • Centrex Management System
  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
  • Digital Trunks: Digital Switched Service (DSS)
  • Directory Assistance, Electronic: CenturyLink® Search
  • Directory Assistance: Large Business Directory
  • Remote Call Forwarding: Market Expansion Line (MEL)
  • Voicemail: Business Voice Messaging Service (BVMS)
  • 911 & Public Safety Services
  • Private Switch/Automatic Location Identification (PS/ALI)
  • CenturyLink Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) Public Safety Solutions


Advanced Features for Simple, Convenient Contact

Nothing should be easier than voice communications—for you and your customers. Our services have the features that keep it uncomplicated.

Local Business Phone Service

Each CenturyLink® Choice Business package includes a local line, unlimited local calling and lots of valuable call feature options. You can also choose from a variety of payment plans, including month-to-month, 12-month, 24-month and 36-month term pricing.

Choose from the following business line features:

  • Caller ID Name & Number
  • Business Voicemail*
  • Call Forwarding Variable
  • Remote Access Forwarding
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Waiting ID
  • Selective Call Waiting
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Call Transfer
  • Series Hunting
  • Custom Ringing
  • Last Call Return *69
  • Dial Lock®
  • 6 CenturyLink 411® Directory Assistance Calls
  • Unistar® Wire Maintenance

* Not included in the Business Prime package. Business Prime members can purchase Business Voicemail separately at a discounted rate.

Calling Card: Worldcard®

Connect easily and cost-effectively with partners, customers and coworkers anywhere in the world. With CenturyLink Worldcard, you use a single, toll-free access number to place long-distance calls from domestic and international locations. Flexible billing options include flat rates and CenturyLink® Total Advantage rates.


  • Calling access from the United States to over 200 countries and to the United States from more than 80 countries
  • Limited international country-to-country calling
  • Speed dialing that lets you program up to nine frequently dialed numbers
  • Simple call re-origination – press # to make multiple domestic calls without hanging up or having to redial access numbers and authorization codes
  • Easy input correction – press * to correct numbers when incorrectly entered
  • Authorization codes – press * to redial without having to hang up
  • Optional project accounting codes (PACs) and verified project accounting codes (VPACs) to simplify tracking costs
ISDN PRI: Primary Rate Service (PRS)

PRS is a switched-trunk service that integrates voice, video and data applications simultaneously over the same connection. It combines 23 circuit-switched voice and data channels offering bandwidth up to 1.544 Mbps with one channel used for call setup, signaling and network control. This seamless communication system speeds and smoothes the flow of information without the expense of dedicated lines, modems or special cabling.

  • Voice and data transmissions employ crystal-clear channels
  • Eliminates the need for single-purpose trunks such as direct outward dial (DOD), dedicated video and data private lines
  • Features Caller ID, Direct Inward Dialing (DID) and quick call setup
  • Channel bonding used for added cost efficiency and rapid scalability, as well as added control and flexibility
  • Functionality across standard analog four-wire and fiber-optic circuits employs technology that is both widely deployed and cost effective
ISDN BRI: Single Line Service

CenturyLink® Basic Rate Interface (BRI) Single Line Service enables reliable data communications without the expense of dedicated lines, modems and cabling while accelerating both voice and data far beyond the speed of standard telephone lines. Multiple communications can share a single line simultaneously, including voice, video and data.


  • Circuit-switched voice, data and packet functionality
  • Two business lines with multiple telephone numbers and extensive voice features
  • Data features including Call Forwarding for B-channel circuit-switched data
  • X.25 features for D-channel packet-switched data (e.g., fast select, flow control parameter negotiation, logical channels, reverse charging and throughput class negotiation)
Centrex Prime

With Centrex Prime, we tailor a system to your specific needs from a suite of advanced, central-office-based data and voice communications services. The solution can serve as your primary business communications system or simply be a cost-effective addition to your PBX. It's a powerful platform that fully incorporates digital technology, so you can use it for tasks ranging from analog phone service to a 129 Kbps digital connection for Internet connectivity.


  • Caller ID Name and Number
  • Call Forwarding: Don't Answer, Busy, Variable
  • Call Waiting
  • Direct Inward Dialing
  • Distinctive Ringing/Distinctive Call Waiting
  • Web-based Feature Management: Moves, Adds and Changes
  • Hunting
  • lntrasystem Calling
  • Last Number Redial
  • Line Restrictions
  • Message Waiting
  • Outgoing Trunk Queueing
  • Speed Calling

Station Message Detail Recording

Centrex Management System (CMS)

CMS gives you direct control over your central office-based service to make changes quickly and easily without the need for costly, time-consuming service orders. A simple-to-use interface lets you add features, change parameters, expand calling groups, verify informatlon and give each member of your organization the right features and functions for their work.


  • Simple-to-use, web-based management
  • Programmable feature changes
  • Priority and batch processing
  • Customizable station templates for specific internal groups
  • Regularly scheduled updates to ensure database integrity
  • Online verifications of service configurations and changes
Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

CenturyLink® DID service allows an incoming call from the switched network to reach a specific PBX station directly, without an attendant's assistance. Incoming and outgoing calls are routed through a pooled trunk group, eliminating the need for a dedicated line for each employee—while still allowing each employee to have a unique telephone number. Reducing cost while improving service, CenturyLink DID provides a direct connection into your organization for customers and partners alike.


  • Unique direct inward dial telephone numbers for each employee
  • Automated handling for incoming calls
Digital Trunks: Digital Switched Service (DSS)

With CenturyLink® DSS, you can deliver fast, easy and reliable analog and digital voice services over a digital transport. The complete switched digital network solution includes a DS-1 connection, common equipment, local-exchange switching and flat-usage trunks for access to the local exchange network. All components are fully customizable to meet your specific requirements.


  • Answer supervision with answer-back signaling to identify when a PBX call is completed
  • Two-way data trunks for video applications and 56 Kbps data transfer
  • Available remote local area network (LAN) access
  • Direct DS-1 interface to your PBX (can be provisioned on a DS-3 or higher transport)
  • Basic DSS with standard-class and line-side services including call waiting, call forwarding and caller ID
  • Advanced DSS with Direct Inward Dialing (DID) services to optimize trunks and bypass the need for an attendant
CenturyLink® Search

CenturyLink® Search is a frequently updated electronic directory assistance product that includes over 150 million listings in all 50 states, plus more than 16 million listings in all 13 Canadian provinces and territories. You can access residential, business and government listings with direct access via the Internet, direct-dial network or electronic file transfer (EFT).

Large Business Directory Assistance

This service lets your workers connect quickly to expert CenturyLink Directory Assistance agents via a toll-free number to request reliable, up-to-date listings, including toll-free numbers and reverse listings.


  • Live assistance from CenturyLink Directory Assistance agents around the clock
  • Toll-free listings and directory assistance number
  • National directory listings
  • Reverse listings (provide the telephone number and get the name and address)
Remote Call Forwarding: Market Expansion Line (MEL)

A CenturyLink® MEL can give you a local geographic identity and phone number anywhere you do business, without the need to build out staff and maintain additional physical locations. Incoming customer calls can be forwarded automatically and transparently from the central office to another number of your choice, whether local, long distance or toll free. This service helps you capture more opportunities in more places without straining your capital budget.


  • Local geographic identity with a local phone number
  • Call forwarding to any local, long-distance, or toll-free number
  • White page listing
  • Yellow page listing
Voicemail: Business Voice Messaging Service (BVMS)

With BVMS, you can make sure each customer who calls receives a high-quality experience and prompt service. Wherever you go, anyone attempting to reach you can leave up to 3-minute messages that you can retrieve using any touchtone phone. Compatible with your existing phones and lines, BVMS helps you keep in touch with your customers and your business without the need for additional agents or capital investments.


  • Always on and available, no activation switches or codes
  • Message retrieval and greeting modification from any touchtone phone
  • User-specific private passwords to protect your messages
  • Group distribution lists to send a single message to as many as 25 numbers at once
911 & Public Safety Services
911 NET

911 subscribers can easily make critical database changes and receive rapid, electronic confirmation. 911 NET also provides a current online copy of the 911 subscriber's Master Street Address Guide.

Key applications: public safety answering points (PSAPs) and Enhanced 911 call centers

911 Subscriber Records Information

CenturyLink simplifies response by giving 911 subscribers a complete listing of CenturyLink customers in their area. Non-CenturyLink and unlisted customers are not included, so the information is not considered sufficient for full 911 maintenance.

Key applications: Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), Basic or Enhanced 911 call centers

Enhanced 911

Three features give your locality the best 911 system:

  • Selective Routing (SR) allows 911 calls from different telephone numbers with the same prefix to be routed to different PSAPs, based on the caller's address
  • Automatic Number Identification (ANI) identifies and forwards the caller's telephone number to the PSAP
  • Automatic Location Identification (ALI) provides the caller's address and related information to the PSAP

Key applications: PSAPs and Enhanced 911 call centers

CenturyLink® Managed Emergency Call Handling

Today’s public safety answering points (PSAPs) are being asked to keep up with the evolving ways citizens want to ask for help. Traditional wireline 9-1-1 calls are decreasing while calls from mobile devices, video and even text messages are increasing. To help dispatch centers adapt, we offer a configuration of E9-1-1 to hosted calling handling applications designed to help PSAPs adopt new technology and predictably manage their operating expenses.

Emergency Transport Backup (ETB)

When dedicated 911 lines fail, CenturyLink prevents the problem from creating an emergency itself. Our backup systems use alternate transport paths, including the public switched telephone network and wireless, so no emergency call goes unanswered.

Key applications: PSAPs, Basic or Enhanced 911 call centers

Private Switch/Automatic Location Identification (PS/ALI)

CenturyLink has the power to let you identify an exact phone station within a company or large building. If the customer has a properly equipped PBX or Centrex system, CenturyLink lets you identify the phone extension, even if the caller is on a private switch. This can help bring order to a potentially chaotic emergency situation.

Key applications

  • Multi-Tenant buildings served by a single PBX
  • Campus environments
  • Remote locations
CenturyLink CPE Public Safety Solutions

CenturyLink is a single source for networking, hardware, software, service and database maintenance for 911 solutions. CenturyLink builds strategic alliances with recognized leaders in public safety hardware and database maintenance services to provide public safety answering points (PSAPs) with exceptional information accuracy and detail. 911 solutions include products such as Basic 911, Enhanced 911, Emergency Transport Backup (ETB), Private Switch/Automatic Location Identification (PS/ALI), Cell Trace and Cell Trace Plus.


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