A new customer experience is calling
Deliver five-star customer support for virtually any call volume with comprehensive, cloud-based voice services available at a single per-minute rate.

Intelligent, automated tools to evolve the customer experience
Minimize call handle times
Streamline customer support with Interactive Voice Response and intelligent queuing, which dynamically adjust for high-volume spikes.
Enhance customer satisfaction
Empower customers with an intuitive, self-service voice user interface and ensure voice clarity using call quality enhancement tools.
Analyze in-progress conversations
Record rich call details for every conversation and generate prosodic experience scores for actionable, real-time insights.
Drive satisfaction and scale with intuitive self-service
Provide collaborative and efficient customer experiences with a natural, responsive voice user interface built on carrier-grade, cloud-based technology.
Per-minute pricing
Minimize up-front capital investments in servers, software and training and pay only for the minutes you use with a cloud delivery model.
System hosting
Maintain high availability and uptime for critical applications with hosted, monitored and supported systems.
Full redundancy
Handle seasonal or temporary spikes with a fully redundant platform.
Combine third-party services for speech recognition, text-to-speech, authentication, computer telephony integration and other back-end enterprise applications.
Advanced tools
Deploy and update natural language processing, real-time analytics and customer emotion detection.
Get advice from experienced consultants to help shorten project timelines and enable rapid return on investment.
Improve analytics for the entire customer journey, from call initiation to call completion.
Smart call waiting to minimize the backlog
Accommodate peaks in call volume with intelligent queuing capabilities that don't require additional infrastructure or IT support.
  • Queue calls at the network level with carrier-grade reliability and scalability
  • Help administrators easily manage multiple queues
  • Develop custom call treatments for each queue, including configurable on-hold music/prompting and de-queue routing logic
  • Alert customers via SMS or email during high-volume overflows or emergency queuing
  • Generate detailed reports on abandoned calls, per-queue hold time and utilization, and customized metrics from an integrated CRM system
Our queuing products:
Basic queuing
Requires no integration with your environment and places calls into queue if the network is unable to deliver calls due to a busy or no-answer condition.
Integrated queuing
Deployed with legacy CTI systems for queuing/de-queuing logic and in-queue call treatments.
Save and store your calls automatically
Record calls for quality assurance, training and analytics with an intelligent network-based solution.
Ensure all calls are recorded and saved in multiple formats, even if directed to a third-party or outsourcing provider, to help improve word-level recognition and increase the return on analytics investment.
Redact sensitive numeric data automatically before the recording file is ever written to persistent media.
Save recordings using customizable retention rules based on external call characteristics or agent or customer data.
Send encrypted audio via secure file transfer that includes metadata for easy searching and data mining.
Instant analytics. Immediate responses.
Assess customer experiences proactively and reduce call handle time by as much as 16% with improved conversational dynamics.
Generate real-time conversational evaluations and customer experience scoring by queue, team or employee. Analyze advanced metrics, such as handle time effectiveness, employee fatigue and customer responses to new products or procedures.
Trigger alerts when a live call has a significant conversational shift, so employees can make adjustments or a supervisor can assist.
Enhance employee soft skills with automated behavioral coaching that monitors individual performance and displays personalized post-call analysis for every conversation.
Greater call clarity. Seamless call handling.
Get advanced tools to deliver the high-quality audio and short handle times that your customers expect from each call.
  • Score each side of every call segment for clarity in real-time
  • Identify the source of speech intelligibility issues whether they originate in the call center or on the customer’s line
  • Condition calls automatically to enhance clarity, filter out background noise, adjust volume levels and mitigate other call-impacting issues
  • Visualize voice clarity performance by network provider, contact center, agent or call
  • Empower employees to improve customer interactions and help increase net promoter scores, sales and issue resolution rates

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