Operator Assisted Conferencing

Maximize Your Conference Call Productivity for Cost-Effective Collaboration and Communications

In today's global markets, effective conferencing is essential for keeping your extended enterprise operating at its peak. CenturyLink offers complete services for operator assisted conference calls with up to 50 participants, from planning to meeting to post-conference follow-up. Personal assistance helps you get the most out of everyday meetings, training sessions, employee announcements, sales and marketing presentations, and other sessions when your productivity depends on convenient, reliable, and cost-effective group communications over distance.

Operator Assisted Conferencing Features

  • Custom greeting
  • Music on hold
  • Operator on demand
  • Roll call
  • Self mute
  • Remote replay
  • Remote replay participant report*
  • Operator dial-out
  • Participant list
  • Recording available on CD or electronic file
  • Transcription

Operator Assisted Conferencing Benefits

  • Simplify conference planning with personal scheduling assistance
  • Connect easily with both domestic and international participants
  • Track the effectiveness of your sessions with post-conference reporting
  • Ensure security with individualized participant verification
  • Provide a high-quality participant experience for optimal productivity and convenience

How CenturyLink Operator Assisted Conference Calls Work

CenturyLink Operator Assisted Conferencing provides expert service and unsurpassed attention to detail for your conferences. Our staff provides you with personal assistance, including scheduling, remote monitoring and post-conference reporting. Participants, both domestic and international, can access the conference call by dialing a pre-assigned number. Operators greet each participant and ask for the name of the host and the company before connecting each participant to the conference. To learn more about how to ensure a successful Operator Assisted calls, click here.

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