Remote Call Forwarding: Market Expansion Line (MEL)

Expand Your Business Reach without High Capital and Office Costs through Remote Call Forwarding

A local presence in your customer's community sends a message that you're committed to providing service where they need it. A CenturyLink Market Expansion Line (MEL) can give you local geographic identity and phone number anywhere you do business—without the need to build out, staff, and maintain additional physical business locations.

Incoming customer calls can be forwarded automatically and transparently from the central office to another number of your choice, whether local, long distance, or toll free. By building out your business footprint without straining your capital budget or managing complex applications, CenturyLink Market Expansion Line helps you capture more opportunities in more places with optimal cost efficiency.

CenturyLink Market Expansion Line Features

  • Local geographic identity with a local phone number
  • Call forwarding to any local, long distance, or toll free number
  • White page listing
  • Yellow page listing

CenturyLink Market Expansion Line Benefits

  • Expand your geographic reach without the cost of opening a branch office
  • Test new markets economically
  • Open a hotline for customers or suppliers in different areas
  • Provide service across an expanded region

How CenturyLink Market Expansion Line Works

The MEL number has one access (talk path) which allows one in-progress call at a time. Additional talk paths can be ordered to allow additional calls to be forwarded, provided the distant location is equipped to receive them. In MEL configurations where the line is forwarded to an IVR, the IVR needs sufficient port capacity to handle both the anticipated MEL call volume (number of paths) and any other call traffic directly terminating to the end user IVR.

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