Reservationless Conferencing

Meet Anytime, Anywhere with Reservationless Conferencing

Reservationless Conferencing, CenturyLink's audio conference solution helps you get more done in your workday. Interact with up to 300 colleagues, customers and partners from across the globe at a moment's notice with no operator involvement. And that's anytime, anywhere. Your personal audio conference meeting room is available 24/7 and is accessible from any location.

Reservationless Conferencing Features

  • Audio Conferencing Access
  • Customizable Passcodes
  • Online Phone Controls
  • Roll Call/Participant Name Capture
  • Entry and Exit Tones
  • Listen Only/Self Mute
  • Lecture Mode and Q&A
  • Record and Replay
  • 24x7 live Help Desk

Reservationless Conferencing Features

How Reservationless Conferencing Works

To begin a teleconference using Reservationless Conferencing, simply click Start My Meeting from the Conferencing Toolbar or dial your access number and moderator passcode from any telephone. Your participants may click the link in the invitation or dial the same access number and enter your participant passcode to access the call. Once you enter, your meeting is open and ready to begin. For answers to frequently asked questions and to learn more please go to

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