ITFS/UIFN: International Toll-Free/Universal International Freephone

CenturyLink International Toll-Free Service

CenturyLink Universal International Freephone Number

Extend Your Virtual Enterprise Reach

As competition from both traditional and non-traditional sources increases, companies that conduct business internationally recognize the value of extending their virtual reach. International Toll-Free Service is a vital tool in that endeavor. Even with access to the Internet, the ability for international customers to easily reach a U.S.-based business via live conversation is essential to differentiating business offerings and increasing international market penetration.

CenturyLink International Toll-Free Service (ITFS) and Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN) are cost-effective ways to provide international toll-free access to a U.S.-based business from many countries around the world. With these services, customers and overseas employees can easily reach you by dialing ITFS and UIFN toll-free numbers at no cost to them.

International Toll-Free Service (ITFS)

If your international toll-free calls originate from a single country, CenturyLink ITFS is for you. This service provides your customers and employees with a single toll-free number to dial from that country. Each country uses a unique number, and CenturyLink ITFS is currently available in many international locations.

Universal International Freephone Number (IUFN)

CenturyLink UIFN offers a single international toll-free number for calls originating in multiple participating countries. For example, while an ITFS number from Germany will not work in France, a UIFN enables the same number to work in Germany, France and any other participating country.

Add International Flexibility To Your CenturyLink Domestic Toll-Free Service

As a business already enjoying CenturyLink Domestic Toll-Free Service, you have the opportunity to integrate CenturyLink ITFS or CenturyLink UIFN service to create a flexible offering available for enhancing your virtual enterprise. And, CenturyLink ITFS and CenturyLink UIFN are offered at very competitive rates.

Position Your International Business For Successful Growth

With CenturyLink as your single source for communication solutions, your international business is positioned for successful growth. CenturyLink ITFS and CenturyLink UIFN operate on networks that serve as a platform for the burgeoning Internet e-commerce market. By deploying CenturyLink ITFS or CenturyLink UIFN as a standalone product or integrated with a Web-delivered service, you establish a relationship with a service provider that will help you address communications needs that change with your growing business.