CPE: Unified Communications

CenturyLink CPE - Unified Communications Solutions

CenturyLink Unified Communications solutions integrate business communications into a single, unified system that allow users nearly unlimited access to peer, customer, and supplier information and communication.

With integrated unified communications systems in place, you can:

  • Create virtual teams and workgroups which allow for intimate collaboration without travel cost, increasing productivity and innovation.
  • Experience decision making agility normally only associated with small businesses. Unified Communication tools provide instantaneous accessibility to decision makers and teams for key and timely decisions.
  • Integrate partners, suppliers, and customers into the information supply chain, increasing the efficiency and accuracy of your business processes, the satisfaction of your customers and ultimately, the profitability of your business.

CenturyLink unified communications offerings turn futuristic sounding technologies into money-saving, productivity-increasing options for reducing the impact of current economic realities