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Do more, faster with Business Internet speeds up to 1 Gig.

Find out what 1 Gig can do for you — May not be available in your area

Starting now, you can do everything faster. Connect to your customers, collaborate with staff and increase your company’s productivity. You can do it all because now you can access the resources you need, in an instant. CenturyLink fiber means you don’t have to compromise your business with old technology. Because now you have access to a more efficient, more reliable and faster connection for business.

What can virtually unlimited capacity do for your business?

Virtually anything.

  • Send and receive files at the same speeds

    The same high speed up, and the same high speed down. That means you can instantly upload AND download large files, back up data, and process transactions. All in a heartbeat.

  • Collaborate in real-time

    Not only can you hold video conferences and stream high-definition videos on multiple devices, now with faster speeds available, it’s easier and the quality is better.

  • Have instant access

    Get cloud-based business applications and services you can access from virtually anywhere.

  • Stay flexible

    Go ahead, add staff or reduce the numbers. You can scale your services up or down as business needs change. Fiber is a connection that’s as flexible as you need to be—and you won’t outgrow it.

  • Know your technology works

    A single connection handles all your traffic and is backed by an SLA (service level agreement). It’s easy to install, there’s nothing to maintain and it comes with 24/7 full technical support.

What will your business do with a Gig from CenturyLink? Click here to learn more.

Let's talk – because the more you know about fiber Internet, the harder fiber can work for your business.

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