Data Services

From basic networking requirements with simple port, loop and rental CPE solutions through more complex customer requirements like VPN and secure network routing, CenturyLink offers federal government agencies business-grade, highly reliable, IP solutions. Our comprehensive set of data services include:

Ethernet Transport Services delivered on carrier-class network
CenturyLink uses our expanded network of CenturyLink owned and operated fiber optic cable and DWDM capabilities to deliver a high-capacity, intelligent optical backbone as an underlying infrastructure for Ethernet services. CenturyLink’s Ethernet Transport Services (ETS) allows agencies to interconnect their LANs transparently over a Metro Area Network and Wide Area Network regardless of the geographical location. ETS enables point-to-point and multipoint Intranet and Extranet services, as well as intra- and inter-agency communications.

World-Class network with comprehensive access and port speed options
CenturyLink’s Internet Protocol Service (IPS) offers your Agency a world-class IP backbone network plus a full complement of access and port speed options. CenturyLink’s IPS is supported by our in-depth expertise gained from years of successful service delivery to a broad set of federal and commercial customers. Your Agency will find that CenturyLink’s IPS is ideal for the seamless integration of your Agency’s service delivery point sites with a broad range of bandwidth requirements and a wide variety of access architectures. CenturyLink offers a full array of industry-leading features, capabilities, and interface requirements for EIS IPS customers.

Efficient bandwidth through Optical Wavelength Service
CenturyLink Optical Wavelength Service, based on wave division multiplexing technology, enables streams of digital information to be placed upon different wavelengths of light without interference between these streams. This allows transport up to 96 channels in a single fiber strand and translates into higher network capacity for high-speed bandwidth solutions and greater cost efficiencies.

Seamless, Dedicated Connection
With CenturyLink’s Private Line Service (PLS), your Agency will enjoy dedicated duplex transmission connectivity between two or more designated end points. CenturyLink’s PLS will give your Agency a managed, fully interoperable, and scalable suite of services. CenturyLink’s PLS utilizes the CenturyLink four fiber SONET Bi-Directional Line-Switched Ring (BLSR) network to provide a highly reliable transport from sub-DS0 up through OC-192. CenturyLink’s PLS seamlessly carries a variety of protocols, including ATM, Frame Relay, IP, and Ethernet, and delivers these services transparently from end to end.

Integrated, Secure, Reliable Delivery
CenturyLink provides a VPNS that is integrated, secure, reliable, and delivered through a multiservice unified IP-enabled network, providing scalable bandwidth transported on an underlying intelligent, protected DWDM backbone.

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