Reliable, enterprise-grade IP solutions for government
From basic networking to more complex requirements like VPN and secure network routing, find the solution to meet your agency’s needs.

Data service offerings

Ethernet Transport Service (ETS)

Interconnect LANs transparently over a Metro Area Network and Wide Area Network regardless of geographical location, with point-to-point and multipoint Intranet and Extranet services.

Virtual Private Network Service (VPNS)

Enable secure, reliable, and scalable mobile networking for geographically dispersed locations and workers while giving users reliable access to apps like VoIP, video and email.

Optical Wavelength Service

Connect and streamline information flow with powerful bandwidth speeds for comprehensive visibility, strong security and reliable data access.

Private Line Service (PLS)

With a managed, fully interoperable and scalable suite of services. CenturyLink® Private Line Service (PLS) offers dedicated duplex transmission connectivity between two or more designated end points to meet routine or critical service needs.

Internet Protocol Service (IPS)

With a full complement of access and port speed options. CenturyLink’s world-class, end-to-end IPS offerings are designed to meet a wide range of bandwidth requirements and access architectures. 

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