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Managed service offerings

Colocated Hosting Service (CHS)

Get innovative technologies, best practices and highly available data center and networking infrastructure for delivering advanced, collocated hosting and IP-based communications to agencies.

DHS Intrusion Prevention Security Service

Compliment other CenturyLink managed security services, such as Managed Trusted Internet Protocol Service (MTIPS) and provide advanced email and DNS security protections to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Managed Network Service

Empowering your agency to focus on strategic initiatives with a combination of CenturyLink’s high-performance network, enhanced data monitoring and highly experienced operations engineers.

Managed Security Service

Meet all EIS security requirements with a fully integrated, carrier-grade, GSA accredited platform—complete with managed prevention, vulnerability scanning and incident-response services.

Managed Trusted IP Service (MTIPS)

Allow your agency to physically and logically connect to the public Internet in full compliance with OMB’s Trusted Internet Connections (TIC) initiative with MTIPS infrastructure engineered for scalability and growth.

Unified Communications Service (UCS)

Meet the needs of your remote workforce and reduce costs by unifying voice, data, video communication networks, equipment and applications—all while providing a consistent experience on a network-based solution.

We also offer the following managed services:
  • Audio Conference Service
  • Managed Mobility Service
  • Video Teleconferencing Service
  • Web Conference Service

If you’re interested in any of these services, contact your CenturyLink Federal Account Manager to learn about each service’s role in your solution when commercially available under EIS.

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