Frequently Asked Questions
Q.  Where can I find out more about the CenturyLink EIS Contract?
  1. A.  Additional information about the CenturyLink EIS contract is available from several different sources:
    1. Click here for an overview of our Contract (Redacted).
    2. Contact our customer support office at: 833-EIS-2020 (833-347-2020)
    3. Contact your CenturyLink Account Manager
Q.  How do I become a CenturyLink EIS customer?

A.  To become a CenturyLink EIS customer, follow the steps outlined in this How to Become an EIS Customer document.

Q.  What products and services are offered in the CenturyLink EIS Contract?

A.  A complete list of services, and service descriptions, can be found by visiting the Products and Services page.

Q.  How do I order CenturyLink products and services?
  1. A: Service orders can only be placed by Ordering Contracting Officers (OCOs) and designated Contracting Officer’s Representatives (CORs), if that role is delegated by the OCO. The following steps are a high-level summary of the ordering process:
      1. GSA establishes a Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA) from the GSA Contracting Officer (CO) to the Ordering Contracting Officer (OCO).
      2. The OCO completes the fair opportunity process.
      3. The OCO issues a Task Order (TO) that complies with FAR 16.505.
      4. The OCO may appoint a Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) or other authorized ordering official on the TO to assist with the administration and placing of service orders.
      5. Once the TO is awarded, the OCO completes account registration with the contractor.
      6. Government may place service orders against the TO.
  3. CenturyLink products and services are ordered via the EIS Customer Portal.
Q.  What is the EIS Customer Portal?
  1. A.  The EIS Customer Portal is CenturyLink’s contract portal that gives GSA and EIS agencies secure access to all aspects of their service ordering and account management.
    • Specifically, the EIS Customer Portal allows users to manage the following:
      • Service requests (orders)
      • Billing
      • Trouble ticketing
      • Reporting
      • Pricing catalog
      • Inventory
Q.  I am unable to access the EIS Customer Portal. Who should I contact?
  1. A.  If you have not been registered with CenturyLink as a Contract Ordering Representative (COR), contact your Ordering Contracting Officer (OCO) who will authorize your access. If you are authorized, but are now experiencing trouble logging in, you may:
    • Send an e-mail to the customer support office at
    • Or, call the customer support office at 1 833-EIS-2020. Select option 3. 
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