Prism® TV: How to hide channels

Hiding channels will remove channels from the GUIDE, INFO and FAVORITE CHANNELS screens. Hiding channels will also remove them from view when you're browsing channels using the CHANNEL UP and DOWN keys.

You do not need a Parental Control PIN to hide channels or watch programs on hidden channels. 

Hiding Channels

To hide channels, press the MENU key to bring up the main menu.

  1. Use the DOWN ARROW key to navigate to the SETTINGS option and press OK. 
  2. Press OK again to select FAVORITES & GUIDES. 
  3. Use the RIGHT ARROW key to navigate to CUSTOMIZE CHANNEL GUIDE and press OK to select it. You will see a list ofyour channels with boxes next to them. A checked box indicates youw ill see that channel. An unchecked box indicates you will see that channel. 
  4. Use the UP and DOWN ARROW keys to to select a channel you want to hide or unhide.
  5. Press OK to uncheck the box to hide the channel.
  6. Press OK again if you want to check the box and display the channel. 

Repeat these steps for for every channel you want to hide or unhide.

When you are finished

  1. Use the ARROW keys to select SAVE.
  2. Press OK.
  3. Press EXIT TO TV to return to watching live TV full screen.

Watching hidden channels

Even if a channel is hidden, you can still view it by entering the channel number using the remote.

  1. Press the NUMBER KEYs that correspond to the hidden channel.
  2. Press OK.

For more information on using your Parental Controls, watch the Help On Demand videos on creating your PIN, and locking channels.