Prism® TV: Parental Control PINs

The first time you access Parental Controls you will be prompted to set up a PIN or personal identification number. This four digit PIN must be entered to lock or unlock channels, ratings or On Demand rentals. You do not need a PIN to hide channels.

Creating a Parental Control PIN

To create a Parental Control PIN, press the MENU key to bring up the main menu.

  1. Use the DOWN ARROW key to navigate to the SETTINGS option and press OK. 
  2. Use the DOWN ARROW to navigate to CONTROL CONTENT, and press OK. 
  3. Press OK again to select PARENTAL LOCKING. 

If a PIN has not been created, you will be prompted to enter your PIN. Use the NUMBER KEYS to enter a four digit PIN. You can use the DELETE key to erase mistakes and start over. Enter the same PIN a second time using the NUMBER KEYS to confirm.

The Parental Locking screen should appear. Now you can lock specific channels, On Demand rentals, and more.

When you create a PIN, choose a random number instead of an address, birthday, date or phone number that your child might guess easily.

For more information on using your Parental Controls, watch the Help On Demand videos on locking channels, locking shows by rating, deleting parental control settings, and locking On Demand rentals.