After signing in to My CenturyLink, you can't find or pay your bill?

My CenturyLink is a great tool to help you manage your account when it's most convenient for you. If you're having trouble with it, we want to help.

Your bill is tied to your account number. Some types of account activity (such as those shown below) can cause your account number to change. When your account number changes, it can seem like something is wrong in My CenturyLink, when actually, you're just being shown the old account number.

You know a new bill has been issued, but the site is only showing an old bill? That's a good indicator that the account has been updated.

To be sure, compare the account number you're seeing in My CenturyLink to your current account number as shown on the missing bill. Make sure to look at the entire account number, as sometimes only a few digits may change.

Why would your account change?

  • You moved to a new service address.
  • Your account was fully disconnected and then reconnected, whether voluntarily or for non-payment.
  • The owner (or "responsible party") on the account was changed, by request. This includes legal name changes, such as when a person gets married.

If your account number has changed, you'll need to add the new account number in order to view and pay your bill through My CenturyLink. For assistance doing so, continue reading on how to add an account. Or, if you'd rather go ahead, sign in to My CenturyLink.

You can log in, but no bills are available?

Sometimes our billing systems need to come down for maintenance. If it's late at night or a weekend, you may find that your bill isn't accessible, even though you were able to log in to My CenturyLink. We do apologize for the inconvenience. The systems usually come back online within a couple of hours, so you should check back a little later.

On paperless billing and having trouble?

It's critically important that you be able to access your bill online when enrolled in paperless billing. Please chat with us if you're having trouble so that we can troubleshoot whatever's happening and ensure this problem is resolved. We're here to help.

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