Prism Local Broadcast and Sports Network Surcharges

Why are my Prism Local Broadcast Sports Network surcharges increasing?

Each year television networks increase the programming costs and re-transmission fees they charge CenturyLink for the right to access Local Broadcast and Sports Networks channels. As a result, CenturyLink must adjust applicable Prism surcharges associated with these broadcasts so we can continue to deliver these channels to our Prism customers.

When will the Prism Local Broadcast Sports Network surcharges increase take effect?

The increased surcharges will appear on Prism customers' invoices starting in July.

Why am I being charged the Local Broadcast and Sports Network surcharges?

Programming costs and re-transmission fees from local broadcasters and Regional Sports Networks comprise the largest portion of all Prism TV Programming costs. These fees increased at a faster rate than other programming costs, due to rapidly escalating fees levied by broadcast TV stations and the escalating fees charged by the sports networks. The Local Broadcast and Sports Network surcharges allow us to continue to offer this important programming by recouping a portion of these increased costs.

What if I do not want to pay these surcharges?

All Prism subscribers are billed these surcharges since Local Broadcast Networks and Regional Sports channels are included in all Prism TV packages including Prism Essential, Prism Complete, Prism Preferred, and Prism Premium.

CenturyLink told me when I signed up that the price of my Prism package would be locked for two years. Why did my Prism bill go up?

Please be assured that the monthly rate (or price) for your Prism package has not changed and is still locked in. There are, however, increased costs from the content and program originators which affect the overall fees that CenturyLink must pay to bring you quality programming. Those increased fees are reflected in these new Local Broadcast and Sports Network surcharges.

Is this a government tax or fee?

This surcharge is not imposed by the government. This is separate from cable or video franchise fees and taxes imposed by local, state, and federal governments. It is a measure taken by CenturyLink to recover a portion of the dramatically increasing costs for local broadcast TV programming.

Are other television providers charging these same fees?

The rising cost of local broadcast and sports programming is a serious industry issue. Like CenturyLink, most television providers have been forced to add whole or partial surcharges to their customer's bills.

Why can TV stations charge CenturyLink to broadcast their signals?

The broadcast TV stations are allowed by the government to charge television providers for their signals. If CenturyLink does not agree to pay, broadcasters can force us to drop their channels, thereby negatively impacting our customers.

Why am I being charged a Sports Network surcharge, when I do not subscribe to any sports packages?

Although you may not subscribe to a sports package, CenturyLink includes various sports programming in all of the Prism programming packages, such as Prism Essential, Prism Complete, Prism Preferred, and Prism Premium.

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