Discontinuing High-Speed Internet service proration FAQs

Your Voice and HSI Services, associated equipment, features, and applicable taxes and fees will not be prorated if you cancel these services prior to the last day of your billing cycle. These services will continue to be available to you until the end of your billing cycle, but you will not receive a refund (pro-rated credits) for any days remaining in your billing cycle after the cancellation of your Voice and HSI Services.

This change is part of our continued effort to provide a simplified billing experience. CenturyLink bills a month in advance. Allowing our customers to receive the full month of the active service(s) they were billed for, ensures customers receive a simplified easy-to-understand final billing statement. 

There is no impact to your services.

There is no impact to your monthly bill. This only affects your bill if and when you cancel your service.

There’s nothing for you to do if you agree with the updated local tariffs and subscriber agreements. If you continue to use your Voice Services and HSI Services, that will confirm your acceptance of the updated local tariffs and subscriber agreements.

We bill in advance for your service, so you are always paid in full until your bill date. The updated local tariffs, DHP Subscriber Agreement, and HSI Subscriber Agreement just means that if you disconnect your Voice and HSI Services, we will send your final bill without credits for unused days in your billing cycle. 

We have updated our Subscriber Agreements for both High Speed Internet (HSI) and Digital Home Phone (DHP). You may access the agreements using the links below:

HSI Subscriber Agreement at http://www.centurylink.com/legal/highspeedinternetsubscriberagreement/

DHP Subscriber Agreement at http://www.centurylink.com/legal/cvoipsubscriberagreement/index.html

Please chat with a service specialist if you require assistance or have any questions.

Removing services — or canceling your account entirely — may make you wonder: can you keep your bundled discount, how to get your deposit back, and/or what to do about AutoPay.

  • Bundles – If some, or all, of your services are part of a bundle and you cancel one (or more) services, the standard, monthly fee will apply to each remaining service.

  • Deposits – If you were required to make a deposit when you set up your CenturyLink service, your deposit and any interest will be applied to your final balance. We'll send you a closing bill showing the status of your account. If there's a credit, we'll mail you a check with your bill. (To update your mailing address, sign in to My CenturyLink or chat with us.) If there's a balance, you'll see the amount that still needs to be paid.

  • AutoPay – If you use AutoPay, learn how canceling your CenturyLink service affects your automatic payments.

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