Any grace period for payments

Sorry, we do not offer a grace period. Your payment needs to be in to us by close of business on the day it's due. 

What you need to pay

The total amount due includes new charges for the month and, if applicable, any unpaid previous balance. You may see a previous balance due if your payment was not received by the due date. If you paid this balance after your new bill was created, you only need to pay the new charges.

Note: You can find your due date (and account balance) on the first page of your paper bill and/or by signing in to My Account.

How you can pay quickly

If you're concerned about getting your payment to us on time, paying online, by phone or in person are all quick.

If you're running behind

If your payment is late, you'll either be charged a flat fee, interest based on a percentage of the amount due or possibly both—depending what services you have with us.

Note: If you're concerned you won't be able to pay your bill, please contact us, and we can help with payment arrangements

Did you know? If you're tired of scrambling to get your bill paid by the due date, consider setting up an automatic payment. It's a lot easier than other payment methods. You just need to set up an account, and then your bill is paid each month without you having to think about it. You can still get a paper bill, and you can make changes to your account whenever you want.
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