How to pay your DIRECTV bill

It's easy to pay your DIRECTV bill, but how you do it depends on how you have your billing set up.

Do you get one bill with both your DIRECTV and CenturyLink services on it, or do you get two bills — one from DIRECTV for your television service and one from CenturyLink?

One bill instead of two

If you're a CenturyLink customer and have DIRECTV service, you may have your account set up so that you receive one bill for both services.

If this is the case, the charges for your DIRECTV service appear on your CenturyLink bill. You pay for both services at the same time and CenturyLink policies govern when and how you pay your bill.


Separate bill for DIRECTV service

If you get a bill from DIRECTV for your television service, you need to visit DIRECTV with your billing questions because they manage your billing, and their policies govern when and how you pay.

Quick Bill Pay

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