Why do we call it CenturyLink SimplePay?

Because when you are a CenturyLink SimplePay customer, we try to make everything related to your billing as simple as possible.

How does it work?

With CenturyLink SimplePay everything is digital. To see your statement, transaction history or print account information, just sign in to CenturyLink SimplePay!

SimplePay customers are billed automatically to a credit (with the exception of American Express) or debit card each month, so remembering to pay your bill is no longer a worry. Unfortunately, we don’t yet accept payments from your checking account with SimplePay. Your automatic payments are set up at the time of your order, so you don’t need to do anything else; just another reason we call it SimplePay. 

If you need to change your card information, update personal information, or need a password reset, just sign in to CenturyLink SimplePay and update it. It’s that simple!

The other advantage to SimplePay is that CenturyLink won’t have to run a credit check for your service or require a deposit. We’re keeping it simple with SimplePay, and thank you for your business!

How will I know the payment date and amount?

Your first payment is made when you place your order, which may include applicable one-time charges.  Any remaining one-time charges will be automatically billed using your card on file when service is activated.  Your next monthly payment will be automatically deducted from your card on file one month after your Internet service is activated, and then on the same payment due date each month. 

Refer to your confirmation email for your monthly service amount or sign in to CenturyLink SimplePay to view the information at any time

Can I get reimbursed if I cancel in the middle of the month?

You may select cancelation date within 24 hours or any date within 30 days of your request. Anything paid in advance will not be refunded or credited.

Do I need to return the modem?

Upon disconnection of service, you need to return your modem within 30 days or be charged up to $200.  Go to centurylink.com/returns to print a modem return label.

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