Information about upcoming bill correction

We recently found that we have not been fully billing you for all of your products.  As a result, your bill will soon increase.

After a review of your account, we found you were not being billed for the voice (phone service) portion of your CenturyLink plan. This is being corrected, which will cause an increase in your billed rate to match the original amount you were quoted.

No, we will not charge you for the months of service you were not billed correctly. 

You will see these increases in the Details of Your CenturyLink Packaged Services portion of your bill.  Within that billing section, there is an "Internet and Unlimited Home Phone" line item, which will now have a new billing rate reflected to the right.  Rate excludes CenturyLink fees not to exceed $3.00/mo/line.

An example bill and rate are shown below. This may not look exactly like your bill.


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