Gift guide: Smart tech for everyone on your list

November 5, 2020

By Kirsten Queen

Looking for the perfect gift for friends and family for the 2020 holidays? This year, we might all be doing a lot more online shopping than in previous years. But with great smart technology gifts, you can find something for everyone on your list. Check out our guide for pet lovers, gamers, film buffs, and more for great gift suggestions for the holidays. 

Gifts for pet lovers

For those with furry friends, smart technology for their pets can be a great gift, giving them peace of mind, helping them track their pet’s health, and making life as a pet owner more convenient.

There are plenty of wearables for pets these days. Give them the option to track their pet’s location and their health with a tool like Whistle™. If their dog escapes the backyard or cat wanders off, Whistle will notify them by email, text, or app and help them find them. It also reports on behavior patterns and their pet’s activity levels, so they can keep them healthy for years to come.

Give peace of mind by gifting a smart pet door like SureFlap®, which will only open for their pet’s existing microchip. Or, if their pet doesn’t have a microchip, they can use a special collar. Now, there’s no need for them to let their pet in and out all of the time, and they don’t have to worry about any uninvited critters getting into their house.

Finally, think about getting a smart toy for their pet. Get an automatic ball launcher for inexhaustible dogs, or an app-controlled mouse toy for cats. 

Gifts for gamers

The obvious gifts for gamers in 2020 include the latest console releases from Xbox® and PlayStation®. Plus, the popular Switch™ from Nintendo is back on (some) shelves, so you can finally gift your favorite gamer with their own island in Animal Crossing™. 

For gamers interested in the next frontier, consider getting them a subscription to Google’s Stadia™, a cloud-based gaming services that provides access to games without any downloads or consoles. Gamers can play their favorites right through a Google Chrome browser, allowing them to take their games with them on the go.

But you also can’t go wrong with a stellar wireless headset or a VR headset for those interested in virtual reality gaming. Be sure to slip a WiFi extender in their stocking so they can enjoy their games without any lag time. 

Gifts for film buffs

For movie and television lovers, the best gift you can give is all of their favorite channels and streaming services in one package. Or gift them a streaming stick, like a Roku, so they can access all their streaming services in one place. 

For the optimum viewing experience, gift a film buff a smart projector so they can download their favorite movies and watch them on a big screen or outside. Finally, gift them a sound bar for an immersive movie experience.    

Gifts for techy chefs

Smart technology in the kitchen can make every foodie’s life easier and more fun. Help them cook their food perfectly with an Anova Precision® Cooker. By connecting to an app on their smartphone, this tool can help them time their meals to perfection.

Another great option is a smart garden that will help them grow fresh produce and herbs all year long. Their smart garden will water itself and provides optimum nutrients and lights to plants. 

Finally, make sure they have a smart speaker for their kitchen so they can play their favorite cooking jams and add items to their shopping list with just a voice command.

With our gift suggestions, you’ll be ready to surprise your friends and family with the perfect gift during the 2020 holidays. Happy shopping!

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