No internet connection?

If your internet connection has stopped working, give these simple steps a try.

Restart (reboot) your modem.

Unplug your modem's power cord for at least 20 seconds and then plug it back in again. Wait 2 minutes for the modem to finish its restart before checking the modem lights.

Check the lights on your modem.

In general, when everything is working correctly the modem lights should look like:

  • Power light: green (solid)
  • DSL light: green (solid)
  • Internet (INT) light: green (flashing)
  • Wireless light: green (flashing), if you have wireless capabilities
  • Ethernet light: green (flashing), if you are connected by an Ethernet cable

Lights don't look right? Learn what to do when the modem lights aren't the right color

Restart (reboot) your computer or device.

Power off and restart your computer or device connecting to your modem. Wait at least 2 minutes before trying to connect to the internet. This gives the computer or device the time it needs to reconnect to the modem.

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