How to reset your voice mail password

If you've forgotten your voice mail password, not to worry! We can help you reset your password so you can access your mailbox and retrieve your messages.

Reset a forgotten voice mail password

Call 1-800-788-3600. A representative will ask you a series of questions to verify your identity, and then he/she will reset your password for you.

Making changes to your voice mail account

If you want to make changes to your voice mail but don't know where your user guide wandered off to, download a printer-friendly copy now.

Reset a forgotten voice mail password

Call 1-800-669-7676, and the automated system will verify your identity and reset your password for you. If the system is unable to verify your identity, you will be transferred to a repair representative who will reset your password manually.

Change your voice mail password when you know your current password

If you know your password and simply want to change it, dial 98 from your home phone and enter your security code. Then, from the main menu, do the following:

  1.  For settings, press 4
  2.  For security options, press 3
  3.  To change your PIN, press 1
  4.  Enter your new PIN (4-15 digits)
  5.  To confirm, enter your new PIN again
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