Battery backup units for Digital Home Phone

Since 2016, CenturyLink has sold an 8-hour battery backup unit (BBU) to residential customers with non-line-powered voice services. These services include Digital Home Phone and Plain Old Telephone Service, which is provided over fiber. Now, starting in 2019, CenturyLink also has a 24-hour BBU available for order.

Please be aware that electrical power is required for non-line-powered voice services (including Digital Home Phone) to work. If there is a power outage, the services will not process calls, including those to Emergency 911.

A BBU will improve the ability of these voice services to function during a power outage event. With active good batteries, the BBU will provide temporary backup power for the network equipment and devices in your home that are necessary to provide basic voice services as well as access to dial Emergency 911.  (The BBU may not guarantee functionality in the event of a power outage depending on the nature of the outage or if the service network is out of operation.)  As a separate service, you may purchase any necessary BBUs, including the housing, from CenturyLink, or you may purchase a backup battery solution from another supplier and install it yourself.

When you talk to a CenturyLink Service Representative, you can discuss the type of service you have and what battery or batteries you may need.

Important information you need to know

In case of an electrical power outage, the CenturyLink BBU should last at least 24 hours in standby mode. While under BBU power, you may not be able to access the Internet. Other services, such as security alarms, may not work.

You are responsible for obtaining, monitoring, replacing and properly disposing of all batteries for the BBU. CenturyLink recommends that you check the BBU at least twice a year to ensure it is operating and ready for use should there be a power outage.

IMPORTANT – Failure to maintain your BBU may result in loss of voice service during a power outage, including a loss of access to Emergency 911 and other services.

If you purchased the BBU from CenturyLink, CenturyLink’s warranty covers the replacement of the battery in the event it stops working within the first year.

More information regarding these units is available here:   

See batteries labeled:  PP36PB-GRST-2-24D and PP36PB-12BBU-2-24D

For technical assistance or warranty information, contact Precision Power at:
Phone: +1-615-436-0080

User Guides

Replacement batteries may also be purchased at major battery distributors—see list below.  Please use this product description when securing replacement batteries: Non-Rechargeable “D” size battery, 1.5volts, Alkaline.  Some of the manufactures of “D” size batteries include RayOvac, Duracell, and Energizer which may be purchased at Walmart, Batteries Plus, Amazon and other retail locations.

Some batteries may be covered under the BBU equipment supplier's warranty. CenturyLink does not warranty BBU equipment not purchased directly from CenturyLink. If a battery failure occurs, contact the supplier of the BBU to determine whether your battery is under any warranty.

Major Battery Distributors

Please note that the BBU (i.e., UPS and battery) is not covered in any of CenturyLink’s Residential maintenance plans.

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