Do you need a maintenance protection plan?

Our maintenance protection plans cover telephone-related repairs that normally would be your responsibility. While they're entirely optional, customers buy them so they don't have to worry about fixing broken jacks or wiring.

What is covered

These plans cover:

  • Charges for a technician to visit your home and isolate the problem
  • Fee for a technician to professionally repair/restore your service
  • Cost of materials the technician needs to fix the damaged jacks and wiring

If you're having a service problem — say, hearing noise on your phone line — you contact us, and we locate and repair your damaged jacks and wiring (see exclusions below).

Note: If you don't subscribe to a protection plan, the first thing you need to do is determine whether the problem is happening inside or outside your home. This is important because problems that occur outside your home are our responsibility, but problems that occur inside your home are your responsibility. This includes isolating the issue, repairing it and paying any associated expenses.

What isn't covered 

Customers typically find these plans are a good deal and provide peace of mind, but they don't cover everything. So there are no surprises, ask about exclusions before you sign up.

Generally, these plans do not cover:

  • Installation of new jacks and wiring
  • Repair of pre-existing conditions, such as:
    • Jacks or wiring problems that cropped up before you purchased protection
    • Jacks or wiring that were defective before you moved into your location
    • Complete rewiring of existing jacks to make them work with your new service
  • Rewiring of nonstandard jacks and wiring
  • Inspection, installation or repair of personal equipment (e.g., the telephone itself, computers, non-CenturyLink certified modems, gaming devices, connector cords, TDD equipment, etc.)
  • Damage due to natural disasters
  • Damage due to abuse or neglect caused by you, your visitors, occupants or animals

Note: The list above includes the most frequently asked about exclusions. If you'd like to review the full list of exclusions, contact customer service.

What it costs

If you're trying to figure out if subscribing to one of these plans will ultimately save or cost you, consider these numbers in your calculations:

Maintenance protection plans cost $11 per line/per month** — this adds up to $132 per year for one phone line. If you subscribe to a plan and have a service problem that originates inside your home, we identify the problem and repair it, at no additional cost to you.

Without a protection plan, we charge:

  • $85 to isolate the problem (exact fees may vary a bit based on where you live)
  • If you hire us to do the repair, we waive the isolation fee and only charge you for labor and material costs. Because these fees vary based on what you need done, we can't give you a ballpark figure here, but we do provide a written estimate — and a satisfaction guarantee — before beginning work.
Did you know? If you live in an apartment, equipment repair and installation may be included in your rental agreement -- which means it probably won't cost you anything. Contact the building manager for more information.

You aren't required to hire us to repair damaged equipment inside your home. You can seek out other options. For instance, if you have the necessary skills, you can do the work yourself for just the cost of materials, or you can hire an experienced professional who specializes in this type of work.

Tip: Handymen and electricians usually do this kind of repair, and you can find them listed in the phone book, on the Internet or by asking for referrals. When budgeting, anticipate that most professionals will charge an hourly rate as well as a materials fee. When scheduling service, be sure to ask for time and cost estimates as well as a service guarantee.

How to start or stop a protection plan

It's easy to sign up for a maintenance protection plan. Coverage is effective immediately. Simply contact us and an agent will take your information and set up your subscription. If you decide this type of protection is not for you, can cancel the plan at any time with no penalty.

Please note: There may be an early termination fee if it is cancelled in less than 9 months from the purchase date.

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