Things to check when having problems making local calls

If you can't make local calls, do you know for sure that ALL local calls are impacted? Maybe the service issue is only affecting specific numbers or certain types of calls.

Alternately, maybe there's a block on your line that's stopping you from calling locally.

Start with the basics

Before going further, start with the basics and figure out if the problem you're experiencing is connected to a specific number or certain types of calls. Alternately, is it possible that your phone equipment is damaged? If so, take a few minutes to examine it.

Did you know? If you are a Pure Broadband customer and only have our Internet service, then you may have dial tone, but you do not have true telephone service. Customers are not able to call out (except to 911) on Pure Broadband lines.

Check your line for blocks

Some calling features block outgoing calls. For instance, if Dial Lock or Call Curfew are installed on your phone line, try turning them OFF and see if that solves the problem.

Call Curfew

Call Curfew blocks outgoing (and incoming) calls during the times of day you designate. The only calls that get through during those hours are calls you've specifically authorized -- so depending what you've authorized, you may (or may not) be able to call locally.

Someone who calls while Call Curfew is active hears: Your call has been completed. However, the party you are calling is not receiving calls at this time.

Similarly, if you try to call out on the Call Curfew line, you hear a fast busy signal or this message: The number cannot be reached now. Please hang up and try again later.

For printer-friendly instructions, download the Call Curfew user guide

Dial Lock

Dial Lock is primarily used to block long-distance, operator-assisted, directory-assistance and 900-number calls. However, it can also be set up to block local and toll-free calls.

If you try to place a call while Dial Lock is active, you will hear: We're sorry. This call cannot be completed from this telephone.

For printer-friendly instructions, download the Dial Lock user guide.

Make changes to these calling features

To manage either of these features, dial *78 from your home phone line, or call 1-888-(your area code)-8052 from any touch-tone phone. However, if you're in:

  • Minnesota using area codes 763 and 952, call 1-888-612-8052
  • Iowa using area code 641, call 1-888-515-8052
  • Arizona area code calling from 928, call 1-888-520-8052
  • Oregon calling from area code 971, call 1-888-503-8052
  • Oregon using area code 458, call 1-888-541-8052
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