Activate and set up your Connected Home service

Your CenturyLink® Connected Home system starts working for you the minute you open the box.

The camera with a built in motion sensor will automatically capture a picture when motion is detected. Set up alerts to be sent to your phone or email when an event is triggered, and easily add or modify any automations, schedules, or alerts within your Connected Home portal. Here are some helpful instructions to get your Connected Home service up and running right away.

Get Started

All you need to get started is:

  • Internet access via a Web browser or mobile device
  • The email address that you provided to customer support
  • The activation key, printed on both the Cloud Hub box and on the underside label of the Cloud Hub device

Activate Your Cloud Hub Account

Before you can use your CenturyLink® Connected Home service, you must set up a Cloud Hub account. Here's how you can do that:

  1. Go to the Cloud Hub activation website and follow the on-screen instructions to activate your account.
  2. Check your email for a new user invitation to the Cloud Hub.
  3. Create a password to complete your account setup.
IMPORTANT—If your email address or the Cloud Hub activation code is not recognized during the activation process, please contact us.

Set up the Cloud Hub

  1. Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the hub.
  2. Plug the other end into an open port on your router.
  3. Plug the hub into an electrical outlet near your router and wait until the Power LED turns solid green.

Set up the Camera

  1. Attach the camera to the camera stand.
  2. Connect the power adapter to the camera and plug it into an electrical outlet.
  3. Position camera within 75-100 feet of the hub.
  4. Both LED lights on the back of the camera should be on or flashing. The left LED indicates network connectivity/activity and should be solid or flashing green; the right LED indicates power and should be solid green.
IMPORTANT—It may take the camera up to 60 seconds before fully booting. You can also troubleshoot the issue if the LEDs do not match the described behavior, or contact the Connected Home support telephone number.

Your camera should now be showing online in the Connected Home portal.

Optional Wall Mounting

You can also mount the camera to the wall by doing the following:

  1. Release the mounting plate from the camera stand.
  2. Identify the location for mounting the camera (within 75 feet of the Cloud Hub).
  3. Drive two screws into the wall, leaving a gap, and slide the mounting plate onto the screws.
  4. Attach the camera stand to the mounting plate.
  5. Attach the camera to the camera stand.
  6. Connect the power adapter to the camera and plug it into an electrical outlet.

Set up the Door or Window Sensor

  1. Pull the exposed plastic tab from the sensor to provide power to the device.
  2. Use the double-sided tape (provided) to install the sensor and magnet, ensuring the alignment marks face each other.
  3. Press firmly and hold in place for a few seconds.
IMPORTANT—Install the sensor on the fixed frame of your door or window, and the smaller magnet on the moving part of the door or window. Make sure the sensor and magnet are spaced less than 0.7" from each other.

Download the Mobile App

  1. Download the CenturyLink Home mobile app from Google Play or the iPhone app store.
  2. Sign in to the mobile app using your email address and Cloud Hub password.

Alerts, Automations, and Schedules

Your Connected Home system is pre-configured with the following behaviors:

  1. When the camera detects motion, a clip will be captured
  2. To edit, disable, or add additional rules, select from the Alerts, Automations, or Schedules tabs inside the Connected Home portal.

Verify Set Up

To verify that your Connected Home service is set up, launch the mobile app or open a browser to the Connected Home portal and sign in with your email address and Connected Home password.

From the mobile app:

  1. Select the Cameras tab at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select your camera image (Android, iPad) or select .Live. (iPhone) to view live video.
  3. Verify the correct camera angle, and adjust as necessary.
  4. From the home screen, tap the green house icon in the center of the screen to view your sensor.
  5. Open the door where the sensor was installed, and verify the icon (and state) turns from green (closed) to yellow (open).

From the Connected Home portal:

  1. Select the >> icon next to the Camera on the right of the screen. Live video should begin automatically.
  2. Verify the correct camera angle, and adjust as necessary.
  3. From the Summary screen, locate the sensor on the left side of the page under the green house icon.
  4. Open the door where the sensor was installed, and verify the icon (and state) turns from green (closed) to yellow (open).
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