How to restore your modem settings

The configuration save utility allows you to save and restore your custom modem settings.  
NOTE:  This article applies to newer CenturyLink modems. Other modems may have different features, lights, and behaviors.
Modem Utilities Step 1-3
  1. Connect a device directly to your modem.
  1. Open a web browser and go to
  1. Login to your modem by entering the Admin Username and Admin Password, then select "Apply." If your modem is using the default settings, this information is located on the modem sticker.
Learn more about password security best practices.
  1. Select "Utilities."
  1. Select "Configuration Save."
  1. Select "Upload File."
  1. Select "Choose File." 
  1. Locate the configuration file you saved earlier and select "Open". (ex: Model#-Config-theDate)
  1. Select "Apply". Wait 3-5 minutes for the Internet light to turn green, then open up a web browser to get on-line. If your modem's Internet light doesn't turn green, go to the Internet light page for solutions.
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