Configure 2.4 GHz wireless security for your Technicolor C1100T modem

2.4 GHz wireless security allows you to change the security type for your Network (SSID). 
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1.  Connect a device, such as a computer or tablet, directly to your modem using the Ethernet cable (usually yellow).

2.  Open a web browser and type into the web address field.

3.  Log in to your modem's settings (GUI) using the Administrator Username and Password, then select "Apply." Unless you have changed the default settings, you can find the login information on the modem's sticker.

Learn more about password security best practices.

4.  Select "Wireless Setup."

  1. Select "Wireless Security."
  1. Select the SSID you want to edit.
  1. Select the desired "Security Type."
WEP Note: You should use the strongest encryption that is compatible with your network. WEP should only be used if your devices are NOT WPA compatible. 

      8. From here you can select the "default" or "custom" key/passphrase.

      9. If you decided to create a "custom" WPS security key/passphrase select either 64 bits or 128 bits and                  enter the new key/passphrase.
64 bits, enter 10 characters*.
128 bits, enter 26 characters*.
*Characters can only contain letters between A-F and numbers between 0-9 with no spaces. 

   10. Select "Apply" to save your changes.


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