Configure FTTP on the Westell 7500 modem

1. Disconnect the 7500 from the internet connection, reset the 7500, and connect the Ethernet cord from the PC to the number 4 Ethernet port on the device. This will be the one labeled E4. 

2. Open a web browser and go to or

3. Select the "Advanced" tab. Select "WAN". Select "VersaPort".

4. Select "WAN Uplink Port". (If you are a DHCP customer, leave the Protocol drop-down menu at ROUTED.)

5. If you are a PPPoE customer, change the Protocol drop-down menu to PPPoE. Select "Set". 

6. Select "Restart".

7. Unplug the Ethernet cord from E4 port on the back of the modem and from the PC. Connect the Ethernet cord from the Smartjack to the E1/Uplink port on the back of the modem.

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