Configure the 2.4 GHz radio setup for your ZyXEL C1100Z modem

2.4 GHz radio setup allows you to select the wireless channel (1-11), power level (10-100%), 802.11 modes (802.11b/g/n), spatial streams, aggregation, and MIMO power save. 
Modem Wireless Step 1-3
  1. Connect a device directly to your modem.
  1. Open a web browser and go to
  1. Login to your modem by entering the Admin Username and Admin Password, then select "Apply." If your modem is using the default settings, this information is located on the modem sticker.
Learn more about password security best practices.
  1. Select "Wireless Setup."
  1. Select "Radio Setup."
  1. Select the desired "Channel". Selecting the best channel depends on your environment. Check the modem wireless status for the best available channel. 
  1.  Select the desired "Wireless Power Level." The best Wireless Power Level depends on your environment.
Lower power settings will create a circular coverage area, giving better coverage near the modem but reducing the maximum distance.
Higher power settings create an elliptical coverage area, transmitting farther but reducing coverage closer to the modem.
  1. Select the desired 802.11 mode. Select a mode that will work for all wireless devices on your network. If you have all 802.11n wireless devices you should choose "802.11n" since choosing "802.11b or 802.11g or 802.11n" could negatively impact your wireless speeds.
  1. Select "MPDU", "MSDU" or "Disabled" for the frame aggregation state. Recommendation: MSDU
  1. Select "Enable" or "Disable" for the MIMO power save state. Recommendation: Disabled
  1. Select "Apply" to save your changes.
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