WiFi Extender Kits: A Whole-Home Coverage Solution

CenturyLink WiFi Extender Kits provide an exceptional WiFi experience by delivering strong signal coverage to every corner of your home through an advanced technology, available at a great value.

If you are experiencing WiFi coverage issues in one part of your home (e.g. reduced buffering or dropped connections) as opposed to other areas of the home, then a WiFi Extender Kit could be your solution.

A WiFi Extender Kit extends signal quality throughout your home or business for better coverage and download speeds.

Self-install your WiFi Extender Kit

A WiFi Extender Kit includes only 3 pieces of equipment:

  • a Bridge
  • an Extender (Access Point)
  • an Ethernet cord

Fast and simple instructions are included in the kits.

The WiFi Extender Kit has minimal requirements

The WiFi Extender Kit only needs two electrical outlets (no power strips) to plug into. The Bridge will be plugged in near the CenturyLink modem, and the Access Point will be plugged into any other outlet in the location where you need extra coverage. 

The WiFi Extender Kit works with CenturyLink service and modems

The WiFi Extender Kit will work with all CenturyLink certified modems, and CenturyLink has made the process seamless and easy if you are currently using one of those certified modems. Simply plug in the kit components per the instructions included with the kit, and within a few minutes, the units will sync, and you’re all set! Plus, once paired, the Access Point can be moved to different rooms within the home.

The WiFi Extender Kit also works with 3rd party modems

However, it will require you to configure the devices manually instead of the seamless install designed for CenturyLink modems. 

CenturyLink quality

The CenturyLink WiFi Extender Kits are built with a best-in-class standard called G.hn. The kit uses your home’s electrical wiring system to carry the high-speed internet traffic from your modem to the Access Point unit located in the area of your home that needs extra coverage. This wired capability is different than competitors who may use a pure wireless point-to-point approach that could actually reduce the bandwidth and lead to slower connection speeds, thus making CenturyLink WiFi Extenders the better solution.

Additionally, CenturyLink WiFi Extender Kits are service supported by CenturyLink.

Order your WiFi Extender Kit today!

Simply give us a call at 800-201-4099 and a Customer Care Representative will be happy to order the WiFi Extender Kit for you.  

The current price is $99 per kit plus applicable taxes and fees.

Warranty and Return policy

Returns must be made within 30 days, and there is a 1-year warranty on the equipment.

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