Frequently asked questions

about upcoming username changes

General questions about changes to usernames

We will soon implement new rules for creating a secure username to access your account. These enhancements will allow us to maintain the safety and security of customer information. This change will not impact your current password.

If your username isn’t compatible, it will change to keep your account secure.  For most customers, your username is already compatible with the new rules and will not change.

Your username will be updated to the email address we have for your billing account.

If your username is not compatible with the security requirements, you will be notified via email. If you haven’t received an email from us, your username is likely already compliant with the new rules. 

No. Your password will remain the same unless you change it. 

Usernames are planned to be updated on October 8, 2021.

We strongly encourage you to use your email address as your username.

If you choose to customize your username, it must be compatible with the following rules: 

  1. Should be a minimum of 8 characters long
  2. Some special characters are allowed, such as @ ! ^ & *