Billing without service

During a recent review of customer accounts, we determined some customers are being billed for High-Speed Internet service that they are not using.  If you did not receive a communication about this issue, you are not impacted.

If you did receive a communication about this issue, then there are a few choices you need to make.


If you are using your CenturyLink Internet service and want to continue using it at your current monthly recurring rate, please contact us as soon as possible to avoid disconnection. Note: Small Business customers should contact us here.


If you do not want this internet service, then there is no need to contact us. We will disconnect this internet service on the date noted in the communication we sent you, and automatically issue credits to your account for the time the service was paid but not used. You will see those credits within 2 months.


If you set up a CenturyLink email address (an email address that ends in then you need to decide if you want to keep that email address. Because it is associated with your CenturyLink internet service, this email address will also be disconnected if your internet service is disconnected. If you do not want to lose this email address, please contact us to keep your internet service active.  If you are not keeping your CenturyLink internet service, we recommend you make efforts to retain important information from your email account.  


Thank you for choosing CenturyLink – we value you as our customer.

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