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Get settled before you move

Let us get your service up and running at your new place, so it's ready when you are.

Online bill payment with MyAccount

With MyAccount, paying your CenturyLink bills online is fast and easy.

Have you forgotten your My Account user name or your password, or both?

Help with signing on to My Account, where you can manage your account and pay your bill.

Enroll a user name or password in My Account, or add an account

How to reap the benefits of My Account, and ensure you have access to your newest bill.

MyAccount Mobile Bill Pay

Pay your CenturyLink bill on the go with My Account Mobile Bill Pay.

Upcoming Changes to My Account

What you can expect when we update My Account

After signing in to My Account, you can't find or pay your bill

What to look for when you can sign in, but your newest bill isn't appearing.

Pay your bill online

Pay online by creating an account, or if you're in a hurry, skip that step and get in and out fast.

What to expect on your first bill

Because it can include prorated and one-time charges, the first bill is often higher than normal. So there are no surprises, here's what you can expect.

Online Quick Bill Pay

Make one-time bill payments the quick way with online Quick Bill Pay. No login required.

Need your service turned back on?

Pay online or use our automated phone system to get your service turned on within 24 hours.

Can't login to my account

If you're looking for your username, password or other sign-in information, we can help.

What to expect with your closing bill

When you cancel service, a closing bill is generated immediately. Depending when you disconnect, you may also receive 1 to 2 follow up bills.

Calling Features: 3-Way Calling

A phone feature that lets you talk to 2 people at different phone numbers at the same time, similar to a conference call.

Troubleshooting Your Connected Home Service

Just in case things don't go as you expect, here are some troubleshooting tips to help you fix issues yourself or know when to contact us for help.

Preventing unauthorized bill charges

Steps to take when unexpected charges appear on your bill.

Managing your Connected Home features

Find what you are looking for to set up alerts and automations, manage schedules, and view notable events, pictures, and video clips.

Federal Universal Service Fund (USF) Explained

This surcharge keeps local phone service affordable for all Americans by providing discounts on services to schools, libraries and income eligible families.

How to find your account balance

It's easy to find your balance and due date.

How to suspend or cancel your Verizon Wireless service

Temporarily shut your service down, reconnect it or turn it off for good.

How to transfer, suspend or cancel your DIRECTV service

Take your service with you, temporarily shut it down or turn it off for good.

Tour the CenturyLink bill

Using this interactive tour is an easy way to learn what terms mean and where important sections are located on your bill.

Pay your bill with your smartphone

Review your options for paying your CenturyLink bill with a mobile device.

How to use calling features to block incoming calls

Control who's ringing your home. Some calling features let you block specific phone numbers, others let you block certain calls.

How to cancel your CenturyLink service

Take your service with you when you move, temporarily suspend it when you leave for the season or disconnect it entirely.